When Sam and I started our trials using Clitoria, we were inundated with male volunteers wishing to test out our CBD Arousal Oil on women and on themselves. Not surprised? Neither were we! But let’s also admit, we were just as keen to hear what their experiences were, and we might even have lent a helping hand in a very particular case or two (no more, I swear!).

The first results

Although hopeful, we were not surprised that for most men, because the skin of the shaft and even the tip of the penis is not as thin as the labia and vagina, the sensations were more muted for them than for women.

Isn’t all sex about the erection?

It was only natural that most volunteers and partners focussed on massaging Clitoria into the erect member rather than thinking to apply liberally to all the dangly bits. But the fact of the matter is, that the ballsack, in particular, is very sensitive and consists of much thinner skin filled with blood vessels and therefore this, oft forgotten, part of the male genitalia is much better suited for the absorption of the CBD in Clitoria Arousal Oil.

Ball play

There was consensus! Those men and couples who oiled and played with the ballsack, gave the most positive feedback. Besides the added arousal and heat, Clitoria made ball play much more pleasurable for both as one’s hands slide across the skin better, and this increases the sensation for the man being touched.

Find his hot spots

Oiling the testicles while giving a hand job or a blow job is a no-brainer and some just love to go to town on the entire crotch. But if you’re new to ball games, then here are a few tips (yet another pun!!):

  • Explore with gentle touch, the seam that runs between the two testicles themselves. Then gently pinch the seam with thumb and forefinger.
    Wrap your fingertips around the base of the testicles, and slowly glide them down the ballsack, allowing your fingers to slip off the edge.
    Discover the underside of the ballsack, where the sack turns into the taint.
    Make sure you touch the area where the sack meets the shaft of the penis.

No pressure!

Although too light a touch may tickle, you do want to be sensitive even if you’re enthusiastic and enjoying the heat of the moment. Take the testicles in your hands (or mouth) and begin with a gentle touch, slowly increasing the pressure, and then gradually decreasing once more.

More tongue please…

Once you’ve oiled up and explored gently and more firmly with your fingers and hands, there is no need to stop there. Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil has a delicious nutty taste and is safe to lick and to suck off skin. Take each ball in your mouth—one at a time – and use your tongue to trace circles around the testicle and enjoy the sensation as you give your partner even more pleasure.

And finally…

Re-apply Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil as needed.
Enjoy !