Seduction – Romancing the Fire

The Valentine’s Day Myth Yes, I know. Valentine’s Day is all commercialised and you don’t want to be told when to celebrate love and yes, all the restaurants are cashing in on it etc etc. But is there something meaningful that we can gain from an International Day of Romance? I believe there is. It is a reminder to think of all things “romance”, but more importantly, it serves as a reminder to keep the spark alive; to revisit that exciting [...]

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SEX and SHAME – are they bed partners?

I remember very clearly a moment during my first in-depth tantric retreat with the late Dr Shakti Malan, South African Dakini and sacred sexuality teacher, when she asked us about our feelings of shame. At that point in my life, I felt quite certain that shame was something that I was not burdened with. It was only over time, with continued reflection, that I realized how deep and surreptitious, how ingrained and secretive this powerful, yet paralyzing thing called “shame” can [...]

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Have you got the Balls?

When Sam and I started our trials using Clitoria, we were inundated with male volunteers wishing to test out our CBD Arousal Oil on women and on themselves. Not surprised? Neither were we! But let’s also admit, we were just as keen to hear what their experiences were, and we might even have lent a helping hand in a very particular case or two (no more, I swear!). The first results Although hopeful, we were not surprised that for most men, [...]

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Shhh… It’s a secret

Shhh… It’s a secret. Or is it? Fact is, women fantasise, but in most instances, we are implicitly and explicitly taught to keep our sexual desires to ourselves. Appearing “too sexual” or being vocal about what we want has been seen as risky and having the potential to give people the wrong idea. This relates to the virgin-whore archetypal dynamic that we are lumped with. But fortunately, women today are embracing sex-positive, empowered and sexy archetypes where there is no shame [...]

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The Clit Club

Yes, that’s it. I’m starting a Clit Club! Membership is actually quite easy to obtain – you gain access by putting women’s pleasure on the agenda. Welcome to the Club! This is not in any way to diminish the importance of pleasure for other genders, but please let us acknowledge that everyone on this planet (no matter our sexual orientation or gender identity) came through (or came very close to going through) a vagina. And damn, those vaginas deserve a reward! [...]

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Explore your inner bud

"One of the most radical things women can do is to love their body", says Eve Ensler, author and playwright of "The Vagina Monologues", (which explores sexual experiences, body image, reproduction, vaginal care, prostitution and more, through the eyes of women of various ages, races, sexualities). And we agree! Pleasure activism Our empowerment as women is deeply connected to our sexuality. Reclaiming our bodies and our pleasure are important steps to a full life and authentic self-expression. I suppose that [...]

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